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Last update August 2018

Provides good electrical contact and mechanical joint for brass and  aluminum rail; may work on steel rail. I have not tried it. Not for Stainless or solid Nickel rails. Only 10 cents per rail joint.
This is a mix of concrete, sand and peat moss. this  mix is for providing a stable road base that also lets the track move and helps retain the ballast in place. It also can be used for making enbankments and car roads.
I have used this for railroad base and a car road and it has been through 5 winters with no problems. The railroad base is especially good in areas where it is difficult to keep the ballast in place, such as along a hillside.
Tips on laying your track, this is directed primarily at flex track, but also applies to all track. supporting your switches is very important.
This document contains information on body mounting couplers along with modifying a coupler gauge and complete list of  Kadee's  conversion charts for #1 and G couplers.
This applies specifically to the latest version of this loco and may apply to earlier versions. This explains how to reduce problems with derailing over minor track variations.Aristocraft made a major design error by placing the swivel axles near the center of the unit instead of near the end. this created a nearly rigid wheel base the length of the loco.
This helps to understand the various scales used with large scale trains
This chart covers all standard scales
This document contains: Inch to Scale Inch, Decimal & Metric Equivallents, & Tap Drill charts
New 4/2017
New 4/2017
New 4/2017
New 4/2017
New 4/2017
New 5/2017
Useful tips for your RR
Includes:Garden Train Resources, Manufactures, Suppliers, Train Rides & Museums, and Gardening Sites
 Updated 8/18

New 3/2018
The track slider rides under one of your cars and helps keep the rails clean
Thoughts from my experiences about building a layout